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After going by the EVA Infinity Lounge and the Singapore SilverKris Lounge, I headed out the B777-300ER that was taking us to Hong Kong. Buuuuut before I get to that, I must show you the “Hello Kitty Check-In Area” that EVA has at Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport!

EVA Air has special “Hello Kitty” flights, which you can get more info about here.

EVA Air B777-300ER

This was my first time flying with EVA Air, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited to find out! I ended up paying with 115,000 United MileagePlus miles and $81.50 USD in taxes for my First Class journey that started in Taipei and ended in Hamburg.

As I waited in the gate area, we were notified of a slight delay, so I took the opportunity to go buy some H2O, look around the terminal area, and snap a pic of the aircraft next door.

China Airlines B747-400 in SkyTeam livery

After an additional 10 minutes, we finally lined up and got ready to board this 1 hour and 30 minute flight to Hong Kong.

Got to love taking the left gate to luxury!

Upon entering the cabin, I was very impressed with the Royal Laurel Business Class cabin. It was absolutely stylish, comfortable, and fresh.

EVA Air B777-300ER Royal Laurel Business Class Cabin

As I got situated, a lovely flight attendant came by and requested my pre-departure drink order, and came back with a refreshing wet towel and a glass of water.

Wet towel, The Times, and H2O

The seat was stocked with a pillow and headphones, so you could layback and watch some shows or movies during this short flight. I must say that I didn’t try the headphones since I have a Bose headset that are amazing in my opinion.

EVA Air “Thunder” Headset

After getting everyone onboard, the door closed and we were ready for departure. I turned out to be the only person on the right side of the cabin.

“My side of the plane”

Before I knew it, we were next in line for departure and roaring into the sky, taking off from the beautiful island of Taiwan.

After takeoff, the meal service began, and the menu reads as follows:


The drink menus are as follows:

After taking my meal and drink order, the flight attendant came by with another wet towel and prepared the table.

Table Cloth EVA Air Business Class

For my drink order, I asked for the “Evergreen Special,” which was quite interesting. For the meal, I ordered the beef, and it was very tasty!

Fantastic Wok Fried Beef

Despite its great flavor, my Mexican taste buds required another culinary aspect to make this a perfect meal. But what was I missing?…

Chili oil and spice

Something hot. Something picante. Something that brought a kick! Bless the flight attendant for bringing this spicy goodness out to me and completing my meal, it was absolutely delicious.

Is it really garlic bread if there is no garlic?

And my very real, very garlic-y bread to finish the meal. I had to chew on some gum to lower the garlic emissions that were coming out of my mouth!

Keep in mind this was an hour and a half flight. By the time the meal service was over (and I was the last one eating #sloweater), we were descending into the Hong Kong area. Thankfully, there was still enough time for a cup of Pu’er tea, which was fantastic.

Cup of Pu’er tea with a wet towel and a mint chew

After sipping my fantastic tea, and getting everything ready for landing, I thanked the crew for the amazing service and got seated for arrival.


Flying EVA Air was great. No, it was definitely better than great; it was AMAZING. It was amazing because the level of service was top-notch, making me wish it was an 11 hour flight instead of 1.5! The food was great, not to mention the fact that there was food at all on a 1.5 hour flight. Unheard of with the US Big 3 (American, Delta, United). The business class cabin is new and fresh, with spacious and comfortable seats for EVA’s international long-hauls to places like LAX and Houston.

Our plane after arriving in Hong Kong

I am surprised (but immensely happy) EVA flies these long-haul triple 7s on the intra-Asia fights, giving its short-haul passengers like me an opportunity to experience their long-haul flying experience for 1.5 hours. I would definitely recommend EVA’s Royal Laurel Business Class to anyone, and I hope to fly it again (on a long-haul route) in the near future!

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