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Review: United Global First Lounge HKG | BloxfilmOne

A review of United's Global First Lounge as we Relax in Luxury and discover one of United's remaining Global First Lounges in Hong Kong.

I have not been paid by any entity in any way (financially and/or benefits) to write the following post.

This trip occurred in May of 2018. Any airline, lounge, and/or loyalty program policies may have changed since then.

After arriving in EVA’s fantastic business class product and catering, I went through the “conncecting passengers” queue at Hong Kong’s International Airport, and quickly made my way to the first class lounges the Star Alliance airlines have to offer in Hong Kong. I decided to head to the United Club, which also houses the much smaller but nicer United Global First Lounge!

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 6.38.24 AM.png
Hong Kong Star Alliance Lounges. First Class Lounges in pink and Business Class in blue & Star Alliance Gold logos

Upon checking in with the front desk, an agent escorted me about five steps into the Global First Lounge (GFL). She told me that if I needed anything, to let any one of the agents know.

The Global First Lounge Sign!

I had access to the lounge thanks to my Lufthansa First Class ticket from Hong Kong to Frankfurt. I also had access to the Singapore SilverKris First Class Lounge area (which you can read about here), and the Thai Airways Royal Orchid First Class area, which I didn’t visit this time.

There were outlets at every seat in the main seating area, so you are never far from power.

The Global First Lounge offers a la carte service, similar to what you’d experience at a United Polaris Lounge Dining Room (which you can read about in my review here). The menu for this visit was as follows.

United Global First Lounge Menu – May 2018

There is also a small spread of snacks if you’d prefer something lighter. There was fruit, chips, smoked salmon, and some candies (KitKats and Mentos).

Since I had a 5 or so hour layover in Hong Kong, I eventually decided to get the Braised Beef with Mustard and Tarragon Brown Sauce with rice. It was nicely presented and actually very tasty. I was pleased to see the lounge was still providing great food since the last time I was here.

Braised Beef with Mustard and Tarragon Brown Sauce with Rice

The last time I was in this lounge, I had a deliciously cooked steak with mashed potatoes and some green beans.

After finishing my meal, I decided to take a shower in one of the shower suites the Global First Lounge offers.

The suite is stocked with premium Cowshed products, which you will find in your United premium cabin amenity kits, and the United Polaris Lounges. I will say though that the suite is on the smaller side, but very functional for showering and getting refreshed before/after a long flight.

United Global First Lounge Hong Kong Bar

Last but not least is the booze! A decently stocked bar with recognized brands such as Jack Daniel’s, Patron, Jameson, etc. The attendants will prepare a drink for you if you’d like, but I avoid having them go through the trouble and just pour it myself.


The United Global First Lounge in Hong Kong is a small and quaint lounge that has the basics you’d expect in a First Class Lounge: a la carte food, premium alcohol, shower suites, and personalized attention. It is definitely one of the better United-branded lounges in the network, and definitely beats out the United Global First Lounge at Tokyo Narita.

This is a great fantastic place to spend time while on a layover, as it doesn’t really fill up and provides more than enough space for an individual. I highly recommend that you spend your layover here if you have the chance!

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