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Review: Lufthansa A340 First Class | Hong Kong to Frankfurt | BloxfilmOne

A review of Lufthansa's A340 International First Class from Hong Kong to Frankfurt. Fine dining and live TV at 35,000 feet in the sky? I invite you to see what Lufthansa offers to its top-dollar pax!

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After enjoying the United Airlines Global First Lounge and the Singapore Air SilverKris First Class Lounge, I made my way downstairs to take the terminal connector to the Midfield Concourse,  which is where Lufthansa’s flights to Munich and Frankfurt leave out of.

Gate 211 at the Midfield Concourse

After a slight delay, all the First Class passengers were escorted onto the aircraft, and I excited to take the first gate, boarding at the front of the plane!

11:15PM flight…….Yay……..

I looked around the beautiful cabin, which was contemporary and fresh. I then got to my seat. My luxurious, comfortable, beautiful seat.

Seat 2K

After stowing my items in the overhead bin, I got settled in and looked around seat and the cabin. Turns out the panels are coated with a special cloth material that helps reduce noise in the cabin. The floors also have more cushioning to reduce the sound of footsteps for passengers that are trying to catch some Zzz’s. Finally, I took a look at the menu for the fancy feast I was looking forward to:

Lufthansa First Class Menu

The purser came by and introduced himself for our flight, and was very friendly and inviting. Just about a minute later, the flight attendant came by to ask what I would like to drink. I ordered some water and champagne, as is required whenever flying first class, even if you hate champagne (but who does?). My drinks were accompanied by macadamia nuts and Lufthansa’s signature rose.

Champagne, Water, and Rose #trifecta

Unfortunately, I was too tired to ask for the champagne that was being served and completely missed taking pictures of the drink menu and the amenity kit. But I did remember to record the take-off, which is better than nothing!

Shortly after takeoff, the dinner service began with an amuse bouche.

Lufthansa First Class Amuse Bouche

After the amuse bouche, the flight attendant came by with an appetizer cart that had the appetizers on display for the passengers to see and choose. I unfortunately did not take a picture of this, however I do appreciate the cart service as it give the passenger an opportunity to see what it is they are choosing. Of course the more exciting part is the caviar service that is done from the cart!

Beef Appetizer and Caviar!

After failing to order vodka to accompany my caviar, I proceeded to indulge in the cold gazpacho soup.

Soup Gazpacho

Now I am no expert on fine dining by any stretch of the imagination, so I was shocked to take a spoonful of cold, what seemed to be, tomato soup. Don’t get me wrong, it had a fantastic taste, I’m just not used to cold soups. I’m not cultured enough to know!

Pan-fried Chicken Dish

Next was the pan-fried chicken breast main which was absolutely delicious, and the sauce went well with everything on the plate. Definitely simple, but restaurant quality.

Mile High Dessert

The main was followed up by a light parfait dessert with fruit and cheese. I had some brie and enjoyed the fresh fruit with the dessert. Also, any mix of fruit that has dragonfruit is the best, fyi.

With the end of the dinner service, I headed to the lavatory to change into the pj’s provided to the first class passengers while the flight attendant turned my seat into a very nice bed, which looks like this!

One of the great things Lufthansa offers for all of its passengers is Live TV! In First Class, you can experience it on a 17 inch TV screen, which provides many other movies and TV shows. Also, Lufthansa now offers their First Class passengers complementary wi-fi access with a code on a preprinted card that is given to you prior to departure.

After catching some Zzzz’s, I started hearing the movement of plates and silverware. Turns out I overslept longer than I wanted, but got up ASAP to have the most important meal of the day! The menu was as follows:

Lufthansa Breakfast Menu

A starter cart was rolled out with cheeses, fresh fruit, and a chilled antipasti.

Breakfast Starter

If you notice to the right, you’ll see a fantastic smoothie that I could not stop ordering. It is a lovely drink that I wish I could have as I type right now.

Scrambled Eggs with Coffee and a Croissant

After going through the starters, I ordered the scrambled eggs with bacon, and enjoyed the early morning view of the heavens while dining in one of the more exclusive cabins in the world.

About an hour later, we were touching down in Germany’s financial hub: Frankfurt. Gut Morgen!

I was very appreciative to the flight attendants for their service, and walked into the terminal building, snapping one final pic of the A340 before heading to immigration.

Lufthansa A340 at Frankfurt in the early morning.

The sight of the A340 was a nice one to see, although I’ve always though it was an awkward looking plane that was just a tad bit long. As I reflected on that, I made my way past immigration and to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.


What can I say? It’s a First Class product that is tried and true. Although there weren’t many perks in Hong Kong before boarding the flight, during the flight the service is absolutely top-notch. Even with a full cabin, which was the case on our flight to Frankfurt, the flight attendants go the extra mile for you to ensure you have a relaxing flight.

The food was restaurant quality. The seat was large and comfortable. The enjoyment was at an all-time high. It took 110,000 United MileagePlus miles to fly this product and EVA’s Business Class, and I will say that I am glad to have taken the experience. The regular price for these flights was more than $7,000! But with my MileagePlus Saver Award, I only ended up paying $81.50 for this once in a lifetime experience!

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 11.30.45 PM
$7,120 dollars!!!

Stay tuned for my upcoming “Travel in Style” series where I’ll share my tips and tricks into flying like royalty at minimum cost to you!

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