RGV Deals: Harlingen to Amsterdam under $800 in December!

Vacationing in Europe sounds like the dream! Well now it's less than $800 dollars from being a reality, thanks to United's apparent sale from Harlingen to Amsterdam.

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Vacationing in Europe sounds like the dream! Well now it’s only $789 dollars from being a reality, thanks to United’s apparent sale from the Rio Grande Valley to Amsterdam. I have provided a sample fare from Google Flights for travel in December (click here for the December fare), but you can fly as soon as October! Check out my post here on using Google Flights to see what dates work best for you. This is a Basic Economy fare, so to know more about any extra charges can be read by United’s official policy, which you can read here.

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This could be you in Amsterdam!

There is so much to do in a city as historic as Amsterdam, such as visiting the landmark Anne Frank House and Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the historic Rijksmuseum, and so much more.

Anne Frank House and Museum Exterior and Statue of Anne Frank

Not to mention that there’s so much to do at night! You can just walk around and see so much of the city’s nightlife, like its many dance clubs, shows and concerts (both classical and contemporary), and the Red Light District.


The Red Light District may not be for everyone, particularly for those that are conservative/religious. Here you can see scantily-clad women selling sex services to anyone that’s willing to pay, and it’s all legal. If it isn’t your scene, there are many eateries in the surrounding area that are open late to accomodate the late-night/drunk people that want a bite before heading home.

If you’re looking for hotels, don’t be afraid to just Google Hotels or Airbnb in the Amsterdam area to find the best place in your budget! Google Hotels will take the prices from all the hotels in the area for the dates you input, and give you the cheapest options based on your preferences.

Example of the Google Hotels website

Act fast and take advantage of this deal before it’s gone! If you do, let me know in the comment section below, or feel free to email! Thanks for reading! Follow BloxfilmOne on social media using the sidebar to stay updated with any other deals, and share share share! 

As always, remember to keep living life one trip at a time!

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