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The discounts to Europe continue! This time you can fly from McAllen to Madrid, Spain for $572! I have provided a sample fare from Google Flights for travel in October (click here for the fare). Check out my post here on using Google Flights to see what dates work best for you. This is a Basic Economy fare, so to know more about any extra charges, look up the basic economy rules for whichever airline(s) you are flying!

There is so much to do in Madrid, from the amazing eateries all over the city, to historic landmarks like the Royal Palace, the beautiful cathedral across from the palace, and the Museo Nacional del Prado. Also take time to look around at the unique colors and architecture of this very historic city!

I am currently sitting in a plane flying to New York, so I apologize for cutting this RGV Deal short! I hope this info is useful for you!

Act fast and take advantage of this deal before it’s gone! If you do, let me know in the comment section below, or feel free to email! Thanks for reading! Follow BloxfilmOne on social media using the sidebar to stay updated with any other deals, and share share share! 

As always, remember to keep living life one trip at a time!

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