RGV Deals: Harlingen/Brownsville to Denver starting at $91 RT

ACT FAST AND TAKE ADVANTAGE of this deal from Harlingen or Brownsville to Denver round-trip for as little as $91 in December!

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Now, Denver in December sounds like a terrible idea for the haters of cold, but for all the psychopaths out there, these fares are for you! Remember to check out my Google Flights post to find out how you can use this simple yet powerful tool when looking for sweet vacay deals.

Also remember that these deals aren’t guaranteed to last, and could be gone at any minute, so act fast to take advantage!

Fare #1: Harlingen to Denver Round-Trip for $91

  • Airline: Frontier
  • Fare Type: Economy
  • Dates: 12/07/2019 – 12/12/2019
  • Price: $91
  • Notes: Nonstop Flights; 5 nights in Denver (long stay)

On the first Saturday of December, you can fly Frontier from Harlingen to Denver, nonstop for the low cost of $91! Because this is on Frontier, there are plenty of restrictions. For example, you are allowed one personal item (not a carry-on), such as a backpack or purse. To read more about Frontier’s restrictions, click here. To play around with dates and times on Google Flights, click here.

“denver” by Amy Aletheia Cahill is licensed under (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Fare #2: Brownsville to Denver Round-Trip for $134

  • Airline: United
  • Fare Type: Basic Economy
  • Dates: 12/14/2019 – 12/17/2019
  • Price: $134
  • Notes: Early morning flights

Leaving on the 7th of December, you can fly United from Brownsville to Denver for about $134, round-trip. The down-side with this is the stop in Houston and the higher fare. Other than that, it is a shorter trip and can save money on lodging.

Remember that this is a Basic Economy fare, so there are more restrictions. To see all restrictions on United, check out their Basic Economy page here.

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