I have not been paid by any entity in any way (financially, benefits) to write the following post. 

As far as Brownsville goes, it hosts some of the best Mexican restaurants that isn’t in Mexico; and yet I wouldn’t blame you for wanting some culinary diversity every once in a while.

Sushi Bento is definitely in an unconventional spot; right on International Boulevard, not more than a 2 minute walk to the Brownsville-Matamoros Gateway Bridge. The restaurant takes up residence within the La Plaza Brownsville Bus Station, which would set up any restaurant into a terrible joke.

Thankfully, Sushi Bento is a delicious eating spot that is unassuming, but exceeds all expectations. An added plus is the packaged Japanese desserts they sell, which are absolutely awesome! So far, I’ve ordered bento boxes since I’m not really a big fan of sushi, and I’ve never been disappointed with my orders: beef bento, chicken teriyaki bento, and spicy chicken teriyaki bento.

Beef Bento with Two Fried Dumplings, Steamed Rice with Seaweed Flakes, Pickled Ginger and a Iceberg Salad.

These bento boxes come well served, with steamed rice sprinkled with seaweed flakes, two fried dumplings, a little iceberg lettuce salad with sesame dressing, and pickled ginger. If you opt for the combo, they’ll add one jumbo, crunchy shrimp tempura; a perfect meal at a reasonable price! They also serve a delicious miso soup that will make you forget you’re inside a japanese restaurant inside a bus station.

Once I get a friend that enjoys sushi to go with me, I’ll have them rate the sushi; until then, I can speak to the highest level regarding their bento boxes. Having been in Japan twice, and having had the opportunity to try some of their amazing food, I can absolutely say that this restaurant is as close to authentic as you’ll find in Brownsville.

So during this time of uncertainty, please take the time to help out small businesses in the RGV or in your community by buying food-to-go or gift cards. Places like Sushi Bento need our help to stay afloat, and we can do our part to ensure that our amazing small businesses are ready to serve as soon as we’re over COVID-19.

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