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Flashback Flying: Copa Airlines B737 First Class | GIG-PTY

An overdue review of a trip from November 2013 with Copa Airlines from Rio de Janeiro to Panama City, Panama!

I have not been paid by any entity in any way (financially, benefits) to write the following post. This is from a trip that occurred in November 2013. Any airline, lounge, and/or loyalty program policies may have changed since then.

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Ok so I’m obviously a little late with this review, but in my defense I had no money of my own, no understanding of how to even open a blog, and I was a stupid high school kid. So But I found the gold, and I’m here to share the scraps I’ve still got of this trip!

Airline: Copa Airlines
Flight No: Good Question
Aircraft: B737-800ER
Registration: Your guess is as good as mine
Seat: In the Plane
Route: Rio de Janeiro (GIG) – Panama City (PTY)
Class of Service: Clase Ejecutiva

“B737” by Bernal Saborio is licensed under CC BY 2.0

So I only have a handful of pictures and a scant memory of experiences, but what I do know is that this flight was a red-eye flight that would have you land in Panama City in the morning. We were one of the only flights leaving out of that Rio terminal that night, and from what I remember, the lounge was absolutely empty, with my dad and I being the only ones in there. From what I remember, that lounge was also scarce and only provided drinks, packaged sweet breads, and tiny premade salads.

After that disappointing detour to the lounge, we headed to the gate to board our flight to Panama City.

Copa Airlines displaying their SkyTrax Award for being the best Central American and Caribbean Airline in 2014

So I didn’t take a picture of the cabin, but I did snap some pics of the amenity kit and menus that were given to all Clase Ejecutiva passengers, Copa’s Business Class product. The Business Class seat is essentially the older United Airlines Domestic First Class seat on any of their B737s, except it comes equipped with an AVOD entertainment and footrests, with increased seat pitch, making it more comfortable for long flights.

Copa Airlines | Clase Ejecutiva Amenity Kit

We were also distributed a menu with the kits.

Copa Airlines | Clase Ejecutiva Menu

The menu for the night’s flight was as follows:

Copa Airlines | Clase Ejecutiva Menu

The options on the Panama City to Rio de Janeiro route seemed to be much better as it was a dinner course. On the Rio de Janeiro to Panama City route, since its a redeye flight, the meal service after departure is a traditional cold cuts plate with drinks.

Soon the doors closed, we got ready to depart, and we took off into the dark skies above Brazil, heading for Panama.

Copa Airlines | Departure from Rio de Janeiro

After departing, we were served the cold cut plate along with any refreshments we wanted, to which I responded ginger ale when posed the question by the cabin crew. It really seems that I only get ginger ale when flying; it just hits a certain way, ya know?

Copa Airlines | Cold Cuts Plate

After that, the cabin lights were dimmed in the B737, and I fell asleep for a while on this 7 hour flight.

Prior to arriving in Panama City, we were awaken (upon request) for the breakfast service, the main meal on this flight. The options included scrambled eggs with mushrooms and sauteed potatoes or a chocolate french toast. I ended up going with the scrambled eggs, since I am more of a savory man.

Copa Airlines | Breakfast Starter

The starter consisted of sliced fresh fruits accompanied with a traditional dinner roll, cereal, yogurt, and any drinks your heart desires. I ordered some sort of fruit juice and hot chocolate with the starter.

Copa Airlines | Breakfast Main

The breakfast main was actually nice! Far better than I expected. The scrambled eggs were slightly runny, but could be overlooked by the amazingly seasoned potatoes. The three cheese sauce was just way too many calories and an incredible amount of sodium.

Afterwards, we were soon landing in Panama City.

Where I managed to snap a quick pic of the increased legroom that was available in the Clase Ejecutiva cabin.


Despite it being such a long time, I remember the cabin crew being attentive and kind throughout the flight, and the service from boarding to landing was awesome. I’ve always regarded Copa Airlines as one of the best airlines in the Americas, and I wish I could fly them more often!

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As always, remember to keep living life one trip at a time!

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