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Review: Southwest Airlines B737-700 | HOU-AUS

A review of flying Southwest for the first time from Houston Hobby to Austin, Texas.

I have not been paid by any entity in any way (financially, benefits) to write the following post. This is from a trip that occurred in September 2019. Any airline, lounge, and/or loyalty program policies may have changed since then.

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After arriving from Harlingen, it was my first time exploring the Houston Hobby airport, and I was way too excited to see it! Being a Continental/United frequent flyer, I would always connect at Houston Intercontinental, always imagining Houston Hobby like it was the lost city of Atlantis.

I just want to say straight up that it is absolutely NOT the lost city of Atlantis, more or less resembling any stereotypical US airport, except providing an extra pinch of depressing. Nonetheless, it is a perfectly fine airport, and the people would have you believe you landed in a quaint southern town, ignoring the fact you’ve landed in the fourth largest city in America.

After getting a quick iced coffee at the airport Dunkin Donuts, I headed to the gate for my flight to Austin

Airline: Southwest Airlines
Flight No: WN2160
Aircraft: Boeing B737-7H4
Registration: N426WN
Seat: Unknown tbh
Route: Houston (HOU) – Austin (AUS)
Class of Service: It’s Southwest. We’re all First Class.

N426WN | Boeing B737-7H4 taking us to Austin

I managed to snag a window seat towards the back of the plane, giving me good visuals for the short hop over to Austin (30ish minutes). My thought process is that if it’s 3 hours or less, window seats are the way to go, but anything over 3 hours and I want to be in control of going to pee without having to wake up two other people.

My Seat Location

Now I’ll say that I’m still not used to the “first come first serve” seating system, but I definitely believe that seats get filled faster and we’re in the skies quicker than other airlines.

My beautiful view

Now that we’re settled in and ready to roll, I give to you our takeoff—

The flight was too short to have a drink service, so essentially a sneeze and a blink later we were landing at Austin Bergstrom Airport.


Ultimately, I think flying Southwest was an awesome experience, HOWEVER, I don’t know if I would fly with them more often, only because their prices are not actually that much cheaper than United or American, at least out of the RGV. I think that if you are going to check-in bags, then Southwest is the way to go if the price is similar or equal to United/American/Delta, but if you’re traveling light, Southwest isn’t necessarily always the better choice, especially with American and Delta offering free carry-on bags with Basic Economy tickets.

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