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Review: United Club IAH | Terminal C North

A review of the United Club IAH Terminal C North during a Mileage Run trip to Asia and back!

I have not been paid by any entity in any way (financially, benefits) to write the following post. This is from a trip that occurred in December 2019. Any airline, lounge, and/or loyalty program policies may have changed since then. ADDITIONALLY: THIS OCCURRED PRIOR TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. PLEASE TAKE CAUTION WHEN TRAVELING, AND ALWAYS WEAR YOUR MASK.

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So after coming in from Harlingen, our plane taxied to Terminal A, which is very unusual considering that United basically owns the airport EXCEPT for Terminals A and D. This meant walking to the Skyway that would take me to Terminal E, where UA7 would leave out of. However, seeing that I had some time to spare in Houston, I headed to the newer Terminal C North United Club.

United Club IAH Terminal C North | Picture from:

Upon entering you notice the beautifully designed lounge and mood lighting, which ushers this lounge experience into the modern era. Gone are the days of endless wood, being supplanted by purposefully designed plastic and marbling, with tasteful lighting.

United Club IAH Terminal C North | Main Seating Area

Since it was about 6:30AM, the lounge was sparse, which meant you could get a seat right up at the window. This also meant that breakfast was being served, and since I was flying on an empty stomach, I decided to get a bite and some more coffee.


I ended up going with a very European styled breakfast, consisting of a croissant, yogurt with granola, strawberries, and coffee.

United Club IAH Terminal C North | Breakfast

Also can’t forget the bar area, where you can get certain complimentary drinks and premium drinks at a cost.

A review of the United Club IAH Terminal C North!
United Club IAH Terminal C North | Bar

Now this morning was horrible for sights and flying since a storm decided to just stall over the airport and hammer it with lightning and thunder.

United Club IAH Terminal C North | View of the tarmac during the storm

I took this time to head over back to the buffet and get myself another cup of coffee from the amazing illy espresso machines

United Club IAH Terminal C North | illy coffee

They also have traditionally brewed coffee for those that just want a simple cup of joe.

United Club IAH Terminal C North | Traditionally brewed coffee

I waited a while for the sky to lighten to see if I’d get a good outside view, but the rain just wouldn’t let up!

United Club IAH Terminal C North | Stormy View

Before heading out I quickly went to the restroom to snap some pics of the interior.

United Club IAH Terminal C North | Restroom

It’s really cool to see the mirrors designed as airplane windows, and the greytone, along with the marble and light really provides an atmosphere of sophistication not just in the restroom (lol), but throughout the lounge itself.



The United Club IAH Terminal C North is probably the best United Club in Houston thanks to its modern interior and tasteful layout. Normally, most people would have argued that the Terminal E lounge is superior in Houston, which would’ve previously been true thanks to the ample room of the lounge. But this lounge is now my favorite in Houston, and I can’t wait for them to overhaul the other United Clubs at IAH to bring them into the new decade.

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