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Review: United Club NRT

A review of my experience at the United Club at Tokyo Narita Airport

I have not been paid by any entity in any way (financially, benefits) to write the following post. This is from a trip that occurred in December 2019. Any airline, lounge, and/or loyalty program policies may have changed since then. All travel occurred prior to COVID-19; please stay safe and consult your national health authority for guidance on traveling.

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Following the surprise of the year and a 13 hour flight from one stormy city to another, I had arrived in Japan, and had about 4 hours to spare until my next flight on ANA to Beijing. So naturally, after going through transit customs, I headed out to the United Club NRT to refresh myself.


After entering the lounge, I find a place to sit. The United Club at Narita has plenty of seating sections, however the seats closest to the windows will be the hardest to come by. There is plenty seating towards the interior though, but I can’t say how limited seating is during peak hours. The one thing I was most interested in was the food offerings, since the last time I visited this lounge, I didn’t quite see much food on offer, either in the United Club or the Global First Lounge one floor above.

United Club NRT | Sushi

Of course, it would be a crime to not have sushi in the United Club in Japan, but there were other items on offer that were of interest.

United Club NRT | Pastries and Fruit

There were some breads and fruit out, as well as some salads and cold cuts.

United Club NRT | Salads, Cold Cuts, and Deserts

Its worth noting that there are two serving stations in the lounge with some of the same items on offer.

United Club NRT | Salads and Fruit

Don’t worry, there were also hot food items on offer!

The hot items included a “French style bouillon based soup”

United Club NRT | Potato au Gratin

An interesting looking potato au gratin

United Club NRT | Grilled Chicken

And lastly a grilled chicken dish with veggies. Although these can be sufficient options, if you have time, I recommend heading out to the ANA Lounge if you have access to check out their food options; they include more food items, such as sandwiches, a full salad bar, but more importantly a noodle bar, where you can get freshly made noodles or curry!


Of course, if you’re looking for some refreshments, you might just be in luck.

There are multiple beverage stations in the lounge, so you’ll never go thirsty (or sober). That is one thing this lounge had an upper hand at in my opinion. Also, after having had such a long flight, I felt the need to refresh myself for the final leg to Beijing. I kindly asked the attendant at the dedicated shower suite desk if there was availability, and she quickly got me a suite.


The suite was definitely in need of a facelift, which I hope is in the works… But it was perfectly fine despite it screaming 1990s. They had all the amenities necessary, including soap, towels, and a hairdryer (for whoever needs one). The suite also contains an industrial style commode, and a tower fan to help drier you faster (is my guess). The water pressure was good, however the water’s temperature has peaks and valleys!



The United Club NRT is a perfectly fine lounge; obviously way better than any United Clubs in the US, except for maybe the United Club LAX which I reviewed last year (shameless plug). The showers, ample seating, and beverage selection definitely boost my opinion of the lounge; however, the food items could definitely be improved. The workers here are extremely kind and helpful, and of course attentive whenever you interact with them. However, I do think the lounge is in need of a major facelift to get rid of the tired, 1990s look, both in general and in the showers. But, I will say this: if you’ve got time to kill at Narita, the United Club NRT is not a bad place to spend it! Overall, I’m giving this lounge 3.5 stars.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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