Welcome to BloxfilmOne, I’m glad you’re here.

As an avid traveler, I think it’s time I start to share my experiences and really try to expand the minds of people that want to travel but have never had the chance.

Having gone to 24 countries and 5 of the 6 inhabited continents (sorry Antarctica!) by the age of 21, I have seen some amazing places while getting there in some fashionable style. Business and First Class isn’t always that hard to come by if you know how to use the systems to your advantage!

The name Bloxfilm is the brain child of my cousins and I’s, stemming from our childhoods’ failed video game “film studio.” To pay homage, I decided to keep the name and to add “One” at the end to invoke a bit of pretentiousness.

Here you will find trip reviews and tips on how to score sweet deals to exotic places, at a fraction of the typical price. Right off the bat, my main go-to resources: Google Flights & FlyerTalk. If you see a deal on a blog (like this one), then it probably originated on FlyerTalk!

I hope my, reviews, experiences, and tips help you go out on your own adventures and experience the beauty and uniqueness this world has to offer! And if you’re already traveling, I hope my content can at least provide entertainment for you.

Once again, welcome to BloxfilmOne!